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Tibetan Incense LAMA CHODPA MEDITATION The Natural Tibetan Incense

Tibetan Incense LAMA CHODPA MEDITATION The Natural Tibetan Incense


Traditionally made at the monastery temple of at least 30 herbs and different woods of the HIMALAYA. In a cardboard packaging and paper handmade for about 25 sticks of 20cm.


Lama Chodpa meditation incense helps to purify the inner channels as well as soothe and refresh the mind and body, thereby stimulating meditative awareness and spiritual connection.


The Lama Chodpa incense is produced by a charity called the Friends of Nub Gon Monastery (named after the Gon Nub monastery in Kham, eastern Tibet). FNM is a non-profit charity formed between the monks and lay people of the village with the intention of easing tensions and social concerns and working on projects of great importance to the surrounding community.


Lama Chodpa is a natural Tibetan incense, 100% organic and free from chemicals, pesticides or additives.

The herbs are cultivated and blessed at the monastery.

The incense is handmade according to the exact specifications of an ancient recipe from the Tibetan tradition being strictly adhered to during the process.

Using the purest ingredients possible (the prescribed proportions of medicinal herbs), the artesian process where the carefully dried ingredients are crushed individually (using a mortar and pestle), the incense is mixed with the hand, mixed in a paste that is cut into sticks 20 cm long and then dried by the sun.

The sticks are then wrapped by hand in a protective tube, wrapped in hand-printed paper and sealed with the auspicious wax seal of Tashi Jong (Auspicious Happy Valley). There is no ecological damage related to the production of this incense.

All the ingredients used in this incense are blessed; an ingredient, is even the subject of a blessing ceremony of 9 days, 12 hours a day by 150 monks. After Blessing Day 9, he is placed in a protective Dharma room to be blessed once a day for a whole year by a meditation master before being used in incense.


* Incense Holder Natural Wood - Ref "BBCBC"

* Lotus Painted Wood Incense Holder - Ref "BBCLBC"


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5 boxes -2.80 € per box ( 11.00 € ): 55.00 €

Tibetan Incense LAMA CHODPA MEDITATION The Natural Tibetan Incense

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  • Light the incense with a lighter or a match. Let it burn for 2 to 3 seconds and then blow gently to extinguish the flame without extinguishing the combustion. Place the stick on an incense holder and let it burn until the end. Do not forget to ventilate the room while burning incense.