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Tibetan Incense KAILASH INCENSE GRAND Origin Nepal

Tibetan Incense KAILASH INCENSE GRAND Origin Nepal


Each package contains about 32 sticks of 25 cm Tibetan incense do not contain wooden sticks and are therefore made of 100% natural incense.


85 grs approx.


Kailash's traditional Tibetan emphasis is purely hand-crafted of highly flavored medicinal herbs and other valuable substances.

The combination of authentic sub-perfumes mate the richer Kailash incense and superior quality than other incense.

Our incense is totally absent from the choking smell and camphor and is also non-toxic and non-habit.

Generally, Tibetan incense is used for offering and purifying Puja, but it is also used as airfreshner that keeps its environment flavored with a good scent.


* Incense Holder Natural Wood - Ref "BBCBC"

* Lotus Painted Wood Incense Holder - Ref "BBCLBC"


Decreasing prices :

5 boxes -0.72 € per box ( 2.88 € ): 14.40 €

Tibetan Incense KAILASH INCENSE GRAND Origin Nepal

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  • Light the incense with a lighter or a match. Let it burn for 2 to 3 seconds and then blow gently to extinguish the flame without extinguishing the combustion. Place the stick on an incense holder and let it burn until the end. Do not forget to ventilate the room while burning incense.