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encens francais resine alpes sapin

Resin Incense from the Alps


Condition: 40grs


In the Alps, for more than a thousand years,
the sap of the conifers is harvested for its medicinal properties


Natural & Medicinal


According to the customs of all human traditions, incense calms and soothes the Soul.
He drives out evil spirits and allows contact with transcendence.
In temples, churches etc ... he disinfects weights and purifies the assemblies.
Therapists in natural medicine say its exceptionally high vibratory level.
It offers an atmosphere conducive to meditation and relaxation.


Soothe, Lift, Purify


The Alpine incense can be mixed according to your desires with aromatic, disinfecting and purifying plants, such as sage, laurel, lavender ...


Sanitize, Disinfect, Deodorize


Traditional incense presents him with the advantage of not smoking.
The resin is sublimed by heat and instantly switches from the solid state to the gaseous state.
This mist of medicinal particles purifies the air, the body and the mind.





Resin harvested between 0 and 1000m altitude in the forests of the Alps.

Picked up by hand in the middle of nature.
It offers the best of incense.
It purifies, disinfects, deodorizes, soothes.

Resin Incense from the Alps

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