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Palo Santo Ispalla Pérou

Palo Santo incense from Peru origin from South America - Artisanal Producer

5 Handmade cases of 10 sticks of 22cm x 0.5cm.

Duration 30mn

Palo Santo - Saumerio Maravilloso (Bursera graveolens)

The energies of northern Peru, their ancestors and their Palo Santo are used to give a renewing experience.
By lighting one of these incenses, not only are you scenting a place, but you are also walking the beautiful path of spirituality and inner knowing.

For meditation or yoga, the use of Palo Santo incense will be essential to meditate and relax, while eliminating any negative vibrations that may be present.

We can only enjoy this aroma by taking great care of our reserves, using only the sacred wood that has fallen and dried naturally. This is how we can offer you a sustainable and organic incense that is completely natural for you and your mind.

Handmade product from Peru.

5 Cases of Palo Santo Ispalla Peru

12 Grams
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