- Palo Santo "Bursera graveolens" 

Palo Santo is a fair trade
Because it is important to buy Palo Santo from a trusted site.

Regulated by the Peruvian government
Our Palo Santo comes exclusively from Peru, where it has been regulated for years by the State, with a series of measures to ensure the balance between consumption and growth of this tree. 

Harvesting is done exclusively from fallen wood
In accordance with national regulations, wood is always collected from fallen branches or dead trees. In addition, extraction is always carried out in assigned areas with a prior study of the forest mass.

Commitment to the inhabitants and replanting of Palo Santo 
The law states that it must be mined and cut by the inhabitants of indigenous communities, thereby benefiting the local economy.


The Palo Santo "Bulnesia sarmientoi" located in South America which is also called the sacred wood of Peru with a sweet and strong scent that both has cleansing and soothing properties, removes negative energies, evil spirits, and it brings peace and harmony, relaxation and deep sleep, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral.