- Vijayshree Fragrance

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We are the manufacturers and exporters of golden series of incense sticks (Agarbattti / Sandal / Batten d'incense / Bakhur / Nad), perfumes, we produce traditional and innovative products since 1990. There are 3 manufacturing units covering 50,000 square feet .area, based in Bangalore (southern India), which employs more than 500 people, carries out day-to-day production activities and produces 2,000,000 (three hundred thousand) packs a day, or TWO containers of 20 feet. The company still believes in the quality and exclusivity of design and packaging according to international standards, with a very extensive international market such as: Europe, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Mauritius, Malaysia, Srilanka, South Africa , United Kingdom, Thailand, etc.,



Jiget powder (Machhilus Macrantha), charcoal, bamboo sticks, Halmandi (Allanthus Manbarca), Nagchampa (Mesua Ferrea Linn), sandalwood, Loban (Boswellia Sernata Roxb), gugal Dhoop (Ailanthus Triphysa), etc. sourcing raw materials from India, making them reliable sources Vietnam, China and Indonesia are also sources of raw materials.



In house productions and production centers adopted for the manufacture and rolling of incense sticks, proves the dedication to quality, in productions. More than 1000 families share the success. Dependence on market fluctuations and the shortage of raw materials has no impact on production.



Original aromas from regions as diverse as Europe, Japan, China, among many other peoples of the world and enjoy a sovereign presence in India and around the world for imaginative fragrances developed with fine aromatic chemicals and natural essential oils. , Resinoids, herbs, according to international standards of perfumes.



A research and development facility with HP GLC equipment and qualified personnel ensures the quality and purity of aromatic chemicals and day-to-day energy.



Our products are part of GREEN REVOLUTIONS and dangerous movements for health. Natural oils, herbs, minor forest products, rich-fine aromatic chemicals, reconstituted oils, resinoids are ecological ingredients that are very safe. The products do not contain toxic and hazardous materials that are taken care of. Certifications according to SONCP for Prohibited / Toxic Substances could be provided upon request.