Tibetan Incense



Tibetan incense is hand-crafted on the basis of the principles of the Buddhist medicine system and the formulation prescribed by a great Bodhi Yogi school of Buddhism in Tibet. According to the native Tibetan medicinal theory, a mixture of this incense with the scent of Eucalyptus and other valuable herbal medicinal ingredients helps relieve concentration and used to offer different gods and goddesses.


The incense is handmade according to the exact specifications of an ancient recipe from the Tibetan tradition being strictly adhered to during the process. Using the purest ingredients possible (the prescribed proportions of medicinal herbs), the artesian process where the carefully dried ingredients are crushed individually (using a mortar and pestle), the incense is mixed with the hand, mixed in a paste that is cut into sticks 20 cm long and then dried by the sun.




You can shorten the stick to the desired length by breaking it with your fingers.