Nepalese Incense




The Tibetan & Nepali incense made according to the ancient texts, in the respect of the traditions, is elaborated under the direction and according to the recipes of monks and recognized doctors of different spiritual schools, considered like the mother of the Tibetan medicine.


Tibetan & Nepali incense can be used for meditation and ritual offerings, or as a medicinal plant to soothe, relax, harmonize, relieve tension and energetic disorders. Tensions, stress and trauma are analyzed by Nepalese Tibetan medicine as an imbalance of the different "winds" in the Ayurvedic tradition.


Plants and wood powders are mixed with water. The resulting dough is rolled by hand in the form of sticks. The mixtures often include several herbs and plants Himalaya at least thirty or even a hundred. Some are known for their spiritual properties like white and red sandalwood, agarwood, others are typically Tibetan like the blue lotus of the Himalayas, or plants like aquilaria, asofoetida, different species of flowers (rhododendron chrysantemum), juniper needles ...




You can shorten the stick to the desired length by breaking it with your fingers.