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LaverVert's 100% natural and fair-trade maintenance and care products

LaverVert - Maintaining a better world.

Based on the observation that almost all cleaning products contain one or more petrochemical, allergenic, toxic substances, etc. Which have a heavy impact on our health and that of our children. They also pollute the air we breathe, waterways and our oceans and affect aquatic life, ...

We decided to create LaverVert and be agents of change by innovating, designing and marketing, for individuals and companies, cleaning products combining the circular economy and sustainable development. We revalue pellet ash, extracting their natural active agents that we use as raw material.

LAVERVERT is not only more ecological cleaning products but also cleaning products that stand out for their contribution to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY. We also wanted to make our products accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we market them in a price range similar to traditional products.

Our first product is LaverVert liquid detergent composed exclusively of 100% natural, ecological, Belgian ingredients that respect the environment and our health.

With most detergents you wash your laundry, with LaverVert you maintain your laundry while protecting your planet and your health.