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CE Professional Mineral Candle


Launch of a new arrival of Mineral Candles "Paraffin Crystalline" Ivory *, tinted on the surface and white in the mass, Natural or perfumed Essential manufactured in France, Poland and Italy, of a very high quality of manufacture and a professional wax quality.


A range "Gaia Import candles" in white glass lacquered with 4 perfumes ** with a perfect combustion of the candle for about 45 hours. Scented candle then poured into the glass for a better diffusion of the perfume.

Let it perfume an entrance hall, a living room or any other room that deserves a scent of atmosphere!


* Guaranteed no artificial odor for unscented candles



New range of natural candles and scented stearin chakra (palm oil) in recycled glass 3% essential oils: patchouli, laudanum, incense, fair trade product, Green Palm certified.
Burning time: 100 hours.

It does not produce smoke or black flame, wick of cotton.


In detail:

100% stearin (palm oil) with 3% essential oils of honeysuckle and cedar. Delivered in a beautiful colorful box. Stearin or palm wax is a renewable resource. She gives candles clean and smoke free. No flame and black smoke and no waste (burns to the end). No metal - lead or zinc - content, with pure cotton wick.


These stearin candles (palm oil) were handmade in Indonesia.
By using certified palm oil and durable packaging materials, these candles are an environmentally friendly product.
As much as possible, the production of candles is done by hand in this way we offer a guaranteed job for as many people as possible. Eighty percent of employees are women.
It is a qualified fair trade product.