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The site was created in 2016, by passion for its fragrances of natural manufacture of incense made by hand in the Masala way (hand rolling) some are machine rolled, the base of incense manufacture remains the same.

Imported from India, Nepal and Tibet and sometimes from Bhutan, its agarbatti incense remains the origin one of the best in the world in this kind, they are Authentic in the manufacture of the ingredients which characterizes their originality, sandalwood , agarwood and makko, resins, dried flowers, natural and pure essential oils.

The ingredients grind and mix apart by hand to make a soft and homogeneous paste called a gum to work it more easily, roll by hand (Masala) or in cones, dhoop and left to dry on ventilated trays for better drying .
Originally used for rituals, prayers, purifications, ceremony.

And of course we all like to have a beautiful candle light in our house to appreciate the warmth and energy it gives off.


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I decided to enlarge the horizon by offering you Artisanal products made for the respect of the planet, the environment and the well-being of everyone.

I invite you to discover the natural and pure incense of artisanal and authentic manufacture. A selection of incense for sale online personally chosen for personal development, Reiki Yoga session. And for Meditation Purification.

Protection of your home promoting joy and happiness.

Shipping packaging is 100% recyclable and recyclable.


Indian incense made by machine or by hand. Incense is composed of ingredients based on resins, woods, floral herbs and scented oils *

Tibetan and Nepalese incense with various ancestral properties of wood, herbs and flowers from the Himalayas without bamboo, handcrafted and handmade.

The Amerindian incense "Native American" the greatest power of purification and meditation with the white sage, Repels the evil spirits, power of cure like the Palo Santo.

It is better to burn it with good ventilation such as an open window, drawers, open cupboards for a perfect purification of the premises.

* (only Indian incense) which make it natural and pure quality incense.